Where it all started

I was born and raised in Haarlem (a big city near Amsterdam – after which Harlem in New York was named), hence the name “the Harlem Dance Club”.

I grew up in the disco area with all the fabulous disco tracks, and later on, the house scene. Thats is why you can still hear a bit of disco and house influences in my music 🙂 I don’t stick to just one style of music, all depends on my mood, when I start to produce a new track.

The Early Years

In the early 70s I started DJ-ing, but in that period it was just the task of the dj to announce which record you were playing and trying to keep de crowd dancing. In the 80s when mixing of the records was introduced I entered a mix competition in Holland and came third. At that time I was making mixtapes for myself and anyone who wanted to hear them (the old fashioned way with a tape recorder). I even got a mix played on the radio on the legendary soul show of Ferry Maat. After a while I wanted to produce my own music.

Unfortunately it didn’t start the way I planned …my first demo was heard by someone else and they copied my demo and had a clubhit with that track. Luckily I could make another track and that was released as a white label. I managed to get a recorddeal from a new record company in New York, where my track “problems” was their first release. A few years later I produced a après ski track (“winter jam”) that was included on a compilation CD.

Mid career

At the beginning of 2000 I switched jobs and became a flight attendant. I spent a lot of time flying all over the world.

Recent Developments

2 Years ago I met a few people who were working as a dj and producing music, so I got inspired to start again producing music. This resulted in my first release in years : “dreaming of you “ of which I am very proud of 🙂 A catchy lounge/dance track, that you want to listen to when you are at a beach club, chilling with a gin tonic in your hand.

Already busy producing new tracks

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